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Bat Planting Season

21 Feb

I opened my eyes in the dead of winter and everything was green. And pink and orange and lush. A sudden moment of technicolor magic as far and I could see to the south and then, all around. I was on a farm I’d never been on, but the plants were all familiar. I walked up to a patch of zinnias as tall as me, just about ready to burst open, the buds showing colors of flowers to be, and put my face into their foliage. Behind them an epic row of cosmos, sunflowers in all varieties, lettuces, brassicas, marigolds. An old friend walked me to the greenhouse and handed me a box of seeds.

Start any seeds you like, she said.

I looked down at the table covered in seed packets and trays and huge black bat carcasses.

You can plant bats here, she said. We also have moths. You just use their bodies as seeds, like garlic.

A darkness washed over me. I didn’t want to plant insects. Or touch their dead bodies for that matter. I looked at her and she smiled, not creepy but genuine. I touched a bat wing the size of my palm, gingerly with the tip of my finger. It felt stiff but I was afraid it would come to life. No, this would not do.

This darkness would not ruin my moment of beauty.

I turned away and walked back out into the fields, looking around at the rich green rows of plants, the blue of the sky bold against the green, the fluff of a few wisps of clouds. I looked all the way up into the white light of the sun and closed my eyes so that all I could see its reflection against my eyelids.