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The wind of her walk

29 Jan

She showed up in my yard, calm and easy as though she was meant to be there, or had always been there. Maybe she had. I always wanted a cat to find me. She looked like a mini Maine Coon, deep grays and browns striped symmetrically around her face and body in long tufts, like a lion. But she was small, a perfect fit for a lap. I saw her in the yard. She saw me. We made eyes and I knew she was there for me, to find me. We walked toward each other.

When she was at my feet, she said, we’re in this together. Follow me.

I followed, watching her fur bounce and flow in the wind of her walk. Everything else fell away. I remembered then that once you put the thing you want out into the world, all you have to do is wait for it to come to you.