It’s a Twister It’s a Twister

13 Aug

We were walking along a dirt path somewhere in Thailand, the two of them in front of me, me feeling sour about their growing connection. I was getting left behind, literally. My feet dragging, my head hung low, their laughter and skipping legs leading the way. So I didn’t notice when the sky grew dark and the world became black and white, everything shades of gray, the color draining from our bodies, the trees, the sky.

Look out! Z shouted, pointing behind me.

The twister was small but tight. I’d never seen one so close. As it approached, heading straight toward me, I realized it was smaller than I had thought. Scary, but small. I squatted down, my hands in the gravel. A gray swirl, dusty, smokey, skimmed my back, then flew up into the sky, passing them completely. The didn’t even duck, just watched it, like they already knew what was going to happen.


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