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3 Nov

It was a new invention. Something no one had ever even heard of, let alone seen. Apparently, the release was meant to be a surprise for anyone who entered the library that day, to bring awe and delight. She walked in thinking she would peruse the shelves for a new book of short stories. Until she saw the bubbles.

At first, she wasn’t impressed. They looked like any other bubbles little kids like to blow through round plastic wands made from soapy water. But then, she noticed they were raining down, falling vertically. And there were no kids around. When she looked up, she saw the bubbles were coming out of the ceiling, as though the ceiling were leaking. So many bubbles. The entire ceiling oozing dozens of bubbles at a time. She looked over at the librarian, an older woman with a warm, wide smile. The librarian caught her gaze and said, watch this. She reached for a switch beside her desk. The ceiling fans started to whir, causing the bubbles to move in a circular pattern around the fan’s blades.

The girl stood with her head tilted back, mesmerized. People milled about but she hardly noticed anyone. With each turn of the fan, the bubble’s speed picked up until she could no longer see individual bubbles. The bubbles began to blend into one long iridescent form. The librarian watched the girl. When she saw a rainbow of bubble colors reflected in the girl’s eyes, she flipped the switch again, bringing the fans to a sudden halt. The long single bubble fell from the ceiling onto the girl, engulfing her.

The girl looked looked down at her feet, up above her head, left and right, and then at the librarian, who gave her a wink. She smiled back through a haze of bubble, unafraid. Her Sagittarius heart raced in excitement, ready for the next adventure. She took a deep breath and when she exhaled, the bubble began to float up, carrying the girl with it like Glinda the Good Witch. She floated out of the library through an open window, picked up by a cool autumn breeze. As she floated, she watched the gold, red, orange and brown leaves from up above, and as she floated past her house, she saw her cat looking up at her with calm, half closed eyes.