The Visitors

7 Oct

He only comes to me at night. She does too, but they never come together. I wonder if they see each other over there. I always forget to ask when I see either of them.

When he arrives, it’s like a secret, like he forgot to tell me something. Once he drove me to a tall skinny town made of lego colored buildings along the edge of a sea. He said, we’ll get there eventually. I didn’t know where we were supposed to get to, but he was determined. He never looked into my eyes. I followed his lead. After he left, I understood he was still moving through time and space. He was more serious now, more reverent.

When she arrives, it’s as though a mistake had been made, like she wasn’t supposed to leave in the first place. I feel relieved and also, disturbed. What did happen the night she left for good? Was is my fault? There is always a feeling that this will be the actual last time she will visit. Sometimes when she visits, I see her, she sees me, but I can’t get close enough to smell her or kiss her. All I want is to kiss her.



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