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It’s Not About the In-laws

30 Apr

We threw a party at your parent’s house while they were in Europe. First, my friends from high school came and that one guy, Jeff, spun me around to dance in the dark living room. Then, the girl with the curly hair started singing and I noticed beer bottles everywhere. I started cleaning up the bottles while everyone else kept the party going. I couldn’t relax while the house was getting trashed. I opened the front door to make sure your parents weren’t about to arrive, and it had snowed. In May. My heart sank. The anxiety rose.

I continued to clean the house, growing more frantic, and found the white duvet in the bedroom bloodstained. A drunk girl said, “I just got my period,” and walked out of the room. I took the duvet to the bathroom and started washing it with cold water under the sink. Cold cold water is the way to remove blood, especially period blood. The duvet turned pink, brown, then white. There was a tiny stubborn blood spot left, but I thought if I flipped it over, we’d be safe. Just then, your parents came home. The high school friends had gone outside and were smoking and talking too loud, but your parents didn’t know they were there because of us. Your dad was jet-lagged and needed a serious shave, and your mom was pissed at me, but you told me not to worry. “The only thing that matters here is that I love you,” you said. You kissed me. My anxiety dissolved.