Travel Plans

16 Oct

I bought a small two-seater airplane, an air travel sports car of sorts. I don’t know how to fly it, but there are times when such things are irrelevant. What I know is that the trickiest part is landing, and the second trickiest is taking off. Once in the air, smooth sailing. We bought it together, actually, Abby and I.

Behind the two cockpit seats is a kitchenette with a built-in table, like in a trailer. We have had guests here for coffee and dinner. I am usually afraid to go anywhere in it because of the fact that I don’t know how to fly a plane. But Abby always says, you can do it don’t be scared. When I start thinking about the future – what will happen in the air? how does this lever work? where is the runway? – I start to panic. But if I close my eyes and trust Abby’s voice, we end up in one piece on the ground at a new destination.

It’s not that I don’t have anything to learn. Or that I am reckless (though maybe a little impulsive). It’s that sometimes closing my eyes and listening gets the job done better.




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