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A Job’s a Job

5 Jul

I took a new job, twenty minutes away by bus then roller coaster. I’ve never commuted by roller coast before. My stomach drops every time we go around a big twist. The bottom of each two-person car is made of glass and I can see the city like an ant farm. This also makes my stomach drop.

The job is at a falafel place where you order at the counter. The colors are red and white and I have to wear a white paper hat. I feel too old to be doing this. But a job is a job when you need one. My twin and I have taken the job together. She seems to be handling it all better than I am. We haven’t tried the falafel yet, and I imagine it’s nothing like what we had as children in the Middle East. I feel like a traitor. And I’m unsettled by the roller coast commute.