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The Best Song Acoustic Version

26 Dec

Phil Collins was doing an acoustic set at a bar around the corner. You don’t anticipate someone like that will be somewhere like this on any given day. But he was and I was there. I was a semi-fan of Genesis, and a little less of his solo work. But my girlfriend loves all of it. Especially the sappy love songs. You either love it privately or publicly, but you know you love it either way.

I walked into the dark bar ready to have a martini with extra olives and do nothing else, when the lights went dim and a stage I hadn’t noticed lit up. There he was, with a generic acoustic guitar, a microphone, and nothing else. He started in on the one song of his I have always loved. I knew all the words. Everything in my body shifted, relaxed, felt euphoric. How music does that. He played a few more, then came down to the bar right where I was sitting, for a drink. Phil Collins, I said, can you play that one song again? I want to record it on my little digital so I have a bootleg acoustic sesh. Please. He said, everyone always wants to hear that song but okay. I’ll do it again for you. Thank you so much, I said, Phil Collins you are a stand up man. He smiled and went back up on the stage and played the song for me.

I know it’s not everyday that you run into Phil Collins, but also, I just asked for what I wanted and even though I don’t always get it, PC pulled through for me. So there’s that.