It Looks Like A Scribble But It’s All One Line

28 Oct

When it’s going well and you talk freely about your feelings your opinions your judgments and it all seems safe. Then you get home and you have diarrhea. Because you may have said something you shouldn’t have said. You didn’t mean it. Not against her just your strong opinions and your big mouth. And now it’s in the world as a judgment you have cast. You know your friend doesn’t care doesn’t think about it may say something to her partner may have an opinion but you know she knows we all struggle. We all suffer. Our judgement is our mirror. You know she knows. She burns sage and meditates just like you. She consults tarot cards and astrology just like you. But diarrhea comes again and you lose sleep. You have diarrhea gut and diarrhea brain. Everything is spilling. The mess is your own from creation to death but you make it everyone else’s. You make it the problem of the world so that you can continue to suffer. You know better. The leaves are yellow orange red brown blowing hard outside, changing too fast to see, high energy. You know this is how it is. You know. You know. You are trying you know you are trying you know you are trying to wrap your fingers around it and spin it the other way. Your hands don’t listen to your diarrhea mind but you know.


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