Things You Might Find In The Couch

20 Oct

I found the tiniest kitten under the couch cushion. He was small enough to fit into the palm of my hand, the size of a mouse. His fur was grey, like the cat I already live with. In fact, he was a replica of her, a figurine for a doll house. But he was alive, sleeping like the baby that he was.

I pulled him out from the couch crack among crumbs and coins and he started to purr. My life sized grey cat arrived and jumped up on the couch to investigate. I lay the kitten beside her and he nuzzled into her belly. She was able to feed him, as though he was her own.

I decided to name them Harold and Maude. The baby would be Maude, and my old lady cat would adopt the new name, Harold. I wasn’t trying to be funny or artsy, it’s just what came to me when I saw them bond. As Maude continued to feed off Harold, he grew to normal kitten size and I felt happy to have two cats instead of just one. I always felt that it would be nice for Harold to have friend around. I read somewhere that if you cannot be alone, you will always be lonely. But it’s good to have the option.


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