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Cats in Arizona

18 Feb

We ended up in Randomville Arizona. Sami and I go there often, but I don’t know the place well. Arizona, maybe because you can sit outside without feeling air on your skin. We sat at an outdoor cafe and a girl that looked like a girl I went to high school with came over to our table and invited us to a house party. Sami was on the prowl, so she didn’t hesitate. I just followed along. We followed the girl for a few blocks and arrived at the party. I knocked on the door and an extremely tall person answered the door. Turns out the person was just wearing stilts for a few minutes. We were introduced. The person’s name was the same as mine. When I said, Sami she has the same name as me, the person said, I don’t go by she, so I said, oh sorry I mean they. Then they said, no I go by he. He was deeply offended so I thought I got off to a bad start at a party where I knew no one. Sami was already gone, flirting shamelessly with girls. I walked away, alone.

As is often the case in Arizona, there were cats all over the party. My cat included. In the bathroom line I told someone that I brought my cat to the party and she gave me a look like, who do you even know here that you can bring your cat. So I quickly reassured her that my cat doesn’t fight with other cats and is very nice to people. She was already gone before I finished my explanation. Maybe she didn’t really have to go to the bathroom. Most of the people at the party seemed to be in their own impenetrable bubbles and I didn’t know the secret password. So I walked room to room around the party, giving Sami time to flirt and possibly make-out with someone, and checkout out the cats. I kept reaching toward cats I thought were my cat, only to see a foreign marking, like a white spot on the tail, and realize it wasn’t her. I started to wonder if I was a still a good cat mom if I couldn’t recognize my own cat of eleven years in a sea of other cats I’d never known.

I called out my cat’s name and she came running to me without a meow. I picked her up and told her it was time to go home, even though I wasn’t sure how we would get there. I wasn’t as distressed as Dorothy trying to get to back to Kansas, but I closed my eyes anyway and tried her trick, there’s no place like home there’s no place like home, and this made my cat purr.



15 Feb

Some nights I age twenty years. Eventually I will be a ghost. I look forward to being able to walk through walls and to not having to floss my teeth.