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Do Not Cling To Any Single Identity

26 Nov

the fortune cookie read. And then i ate the cookie. And then this happened.

me: Change is everyones destiny. That’s why tarot cards are always right.

you: So no one gets left out of the random things that happen for a reason, for every reason and no reason at all.

the waitress: We all play with a bottomless deck of cards. Or that’s the illusion. We put the used cards back at the bottom of the pile over and over. With only one deck.

you: And endless interpretations for each card and then each combination of cards, so that it seems like the combination ratios are limitless.

me: Like number combinations when you can’t remember the order of the numbers of a phone number. Or you keep shuffling, so there’s always a change.

the waitress: Never stagnate.

you: Then we see the see the same things over again but we are not the same each time we see them. So they’re not the same.

the waitress: Change is in the eye of the beholder. Will you be needing any change today?