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The House On The Hill

11 Aug

My friend rented me a house on a hill. But not on top of the hill, rather, on the slope, so the house was tilting. Also, it was one of those houses that was its own block, three streets around it and it was in the middle of a triangle. I’ve never understood this design, being in the middle of things with no corners. But the inside of the house was magnificent. It was all wood, the walls, the floors, the ceiling, like a cabin. And it had lots of light. The beds were made in crisp new purple and white sheets, and there were two queen beds per room. The second bedroom was sunken, so it felt like another wing. Perfect for privacy with your housemate, my friend said. Still, I wasn’t sure I wanted to stay there. Not in the house because of the triangle block thing and the slope, and maybe not in even in town.

So my friend decided to rent the house himself, with his two kids and his mom. I felt regret for not moving in too, but the kind of regret that you feel when you know you made the right decision, you just don’t want to disappoint someone, and maybe, just maybe┬áthings would have worked out if you’d made the other decision. In any case, the decision was made. My friend was happy, and I cried because I was leaving town. My friend said he’d miss me, but he was already onto a new life in a beautiful sloping cabin of a house.