Cats Are People, Too

20 Jun

Last night, when I was looking at my cat and she was looking at me like we often do at night, just stare at each other until one of us looks away, usually her and then she starts licking the white on her chest, she asked me how to use the internet. I’ve never heard her say anything besides various pitches of meows and then the things I think she says like, I loooooove you, but I know those things are in my head. Her mouth didn’t actually move. And she had a man’s voice.

It didn’t freak me out, not even for a second. It was natural, as if this was how we always communicated. So I just said, I’ll show you. And then I wondered how she would navigate the small keys on my laptop with her bulky paws. I also wondered what she needed information about, and if she would try to sneak a look at my email. But I didn’t ask any questions. Lately, I find it best to step back and just wait to see what happens.


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