16 Mar

There is a brown toned space scene with flowers, tattooed on the top of her right foot. The flower  in the middle,  the first tattoo she got, is a poppy. For the first year, it was all alone. The rest has been tattooed around it, so the poppy looks more faded.

When she looks at her foot, she is always surprised to see it. Whenever people are around, she lifts her heel and points her toes to show it off. Each time she shows it to someone, the tattoo jumps onto her left foot, so she quickly switches her feet, lifting the other one.  She doesn’t question this, just assumes that’s what the tattoo artist intended. Artistic license. Too late now anyway.

When her friends talk about tattoos, she says, “If I could, I would tattoo my entire body with scenes, head to toe.” Justin Bieber looks at her like she’s crazy, so she says, “but I can’t,” and everyone laughs. This was before Justin was famous and had any tattoos.

In bold letters, shalom el Israel is written in Hebrew on her left hand, and there is some more illegible Hebrew on her right hand. She tries to rub the letters off her hands, worried they might be tattoos she didn’t remember getting, but they come off easily. Turns out, Justin had written on her while she was asleep. She didn’t realize he knew how to write in Hebrew, but she’s not surprised about her temporary tattoos. She’s just glad he is there.


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