My Famous Aquaintance

12 Mar

I was walking in a courtyard with Frances McDormand. She was tiny the way they say famous people are smaller in person. She was smaller than me. We talked about a book she wrote on biking in New England and I looked down at her washboard abs. She was wearing an old T-shirt, cut up above the navel. The courtyard was in the middle of an old university campus, brown brick buildings covered in ivy. It was fall but she was dressed for Florida in the summer. I couldn’t wait to tell my girlfriend how pleasant she was. Then I realized I’ve never told her how much I like Frances McDormand. That I would see any movie she was in.

I wanted to kiss her, Frances that is, but only because she was who she was, not because I loved her. So I didn’t.

I haven’t seen Frances since then. I thought we were friends, but I guess just acquaintances. No hard feelings.


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