Gay Water World

12 Mar

We all decided together, to close our eyes and jump. We were sitting on a curb in a dirty street in a dirty city. I said, I hate my life, I want it to be different. No one said anything, but I knew everyone knew what I meant. And I knew that if I closed my eyes it would change. So we did it.

We closed our eyes. At first nothing happened. There was a feeling of disillusion, like we were just acting like little kids who close their eyes and think no one can see them. A big truck passed by on the street and I yelled for us to move our legs, that we were going to get run over. But then I thought, what if that’s not true, that the truck would run us over? What if it was true that when we closed our eyes and jumped, we’d become tiny and float through the cracks in the concrete? I wanted that second thought to win, so, naturally, it did.

We became tiny, like a camera trick, and landed on the other side in a giant pool. We went into a gay water world. Everyone was wearing clothes, but we all walked around at a normal pace submerged in water. No one looked wet. We talked, made-out, laughed. This was the life I wanted. I didn’t want to go back to the other one. I knew I would have to, but I hoped I could stay, at least until the alarm clock went off.


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